Three Simple Tips And Your Resume Is A Winner 300x191 - Career Change: Three Simple Tips And Your Resume Is A WinnerWhether you’re an accountant dreaming of becoming a chef, making a change  to improve your life,  or one of the masses taking the leap because of the economy, you’ll want to read this. Getting an interview is clearly very important to your career change success. You’ll need a high impact resume that sets you apart from your competitors.

As a career changer, your resume will play a major role in your journey down a new career path. More than likely you are coming into the job search with less experience than most of the applicants because you are changing careers, right? So certainly there are other more qualified candidates applying for the same position – candidates with actual experience in the field. How do you get the edge?

Your resume has to sell you into an interview. Here’s how:

  • Create a resume that is pleasing to the eye. White space is actually not a bad thing. Employers don’t really want to read a resume that is stuffed on to the page. A tiny font on top of it really makes for a difficult read. You want to impress the employer not depress them. Don’t dwell on every last detail. A brief paragraph detailing your duties is fine. Focus on the quantifiable accomplishments with four or five bullets.
  • Tailor your resume for each position for which you apply. This is so important. If you are leaving one field and entering another why would you want to send resumes that does not address the employer’s needs? It would not be very effective. Say you’re a manager of a newspaper circulation department and you’re sending your resume out for roles as director of a nonprofit organization. What interest would the nonprofit employer have in your newspaper circulation position? Not that much. Don’t get me wrong – you do want to show your transferable skills and your accomplishments but tailor the resume to the job you want.
  • Show clearly how you meet the needs of the employer. Answer the employer’s prayers – you do this by proving you can do the job. Read through the job description and then through your resume. Do you address all of the employer’s needs? If your resumes addresses each of the needs of the employer you come in at an advantage – most job seekers simply send in a general resume and hope for the best.

A caveat: if you’re not able to write your own resume, find someone who is capable. There are strategies that you can use to  emphasize your transferable skills and downplay weaknesses.

Whether you are making a career change to improve  your life, to heed your personal calling or because of the economy, you are on your way if you have a high impact resume.  If you create a resume that isn’t full to the brim with text, tailor it to each position and prove that you meet the company’s needs, you already have an advantage over your competitors.

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