Coaching Services

A Vita Career Management’s knowledge, expertise, and proven process has allowed us to develop a set of coaching packages designed to meet your particular needs, personal aspirations, and individual budget.

Our coaching begins with a one-on-one consultation and extends to monthly programs that include two or three coaching sessions. We include supporting coaching materials, customized tools, and unlimited access to your coach between sessions.

Coaching sessions are conducted either by telephone or via Zoom. You will work one-on-one with a certified coach throughout the process.


Our coaching topics focus on:

  • Career Coaching | Career Direction | Work Performance
  • Job Search Coaching | Job Search Strategy
  • Interview Coaching | Interview Practice Sessions



Our Coaching Services

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Career Coaching: Did you know that most individuals will hold more than ten jobs during adulthood? A job that doesn’t fit your lifestyle and personality can lead to years of frustration and unhappiness. With a career coach, you can set off in a new direction, discover your purpose and potential, and learn how to improve your performance.

Whether you’re unhappy in your current career, need a complete career transformation, or love your job but want to attract greater opportunities, career coaching will help. By partnering with a coach, you can clarify your wants and needs, create an action plan, and make the changes that lead to career and personal satisfaction.

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Interview Coaching: If you’re getting interviews but not getting offers, it’s time to get help from an interview coach.  You’ll learn how to establish and maintain rapport with your interviewer. You’ll also develop a personal branding strategy that finally allows you to answer “tell me about yourself” without floundering! By partnering with a coach you’ll easily show how well you fit in with the company, meet the requirements of the job, and how you will excel in the role. You’ll be able to showoff your expertise and your credentials without appearing to brag.

In your session, you’ll work one-on-one to develop job winning interview strategies. In addition, you’ll discover how to articulate the reasons you’re the best candidate. You’ll also hone your interviewing skills through role play and practice coaching. Your session will have you well prepared for the interview and gain insights into interview techniques that allow you to answer tough questions without skipping a beat.

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Job Search Coaching: If your job hunting strategy ends at posting resumes on job searching sites, remember it’s the same strategy everyone else is using and you’re likely missing out on many opportunities. By partnering with a coach, you’ll design a job hunting plan that works with your personality and goals. Since the right approach can bring huge returns, yield better results, and significantly elevate your earnings potential, a job search coach can be a great benefit .

You’ll learn how to research roles, companies, and industries that are in keeping with your goals. Your coach will work advise you on how to best target key decision makers and build a network specific to your industry. You’ll be able to leverage resources and tap into the hidden job market.