What If Failure Didnt Exist 300x191 - What If Failure Didn't Exist?Have you ever decided to hold back on something because you were afraid of failure? Most of us have at some point or another. The plain truth is that no one enjoys getting failed. None of us wants to feel ineffective, weak, or even lacking, and that is exactly how getting failed makes one feel.

But what if failure didn’t exist? It doesn’t really at least not until you say it does. The dictionary gives failure several different definitions:

  • Being failed to do or perform
    *State of inability to perform usual functions adequately
    *Fracturing or giving way under stress
    *Lack of success

Take a look at those definitions again. You’ll see that all four definitions have one thing in common when it comes to achievement and meeting goals:  the reality is that failure is a personal perception.

So, if you truly believe you have failed, you indeed have. And, if you believe you don’t have what it takes to succeed, then you don’t.  Moreover, if you actually believe you can’t handle the pressure of meeting your objectives, you can’t. In essence, if you believe you are not successful, you really aren’t. See – failure only exists in your mind! The moment that you decide to give up failure is born.

What happens if you never do that? What happens if you keep on working toward your goals, taking one step at a time and do that for just as long as it takes? Well, there is no failure then, is there?

Remember this as encouragement especially if you have been working toward goals and not yet generating positive results. Just keep on going and you cannot fail!