If you’re thinking about making a career change, it might be time to consider whether you are focusing on your own career and personal aspirations or your employer’s. If your focus is on your company, you are probably doing yourself a disservice in the long-term. Chances are you’re missing out on opportunities to realize the job of your dreams. This is about you and not your employer.

Career Planning Whose Career Is It Anyway 300x191 - Career Planning: Whose Career Is It Anyway?From early age we dream about what we want to be when we are all grown up. We plan and plan when we’re kids. Then priorities change and our aspirations change too. Sometimes we end up grabbing the first job that comes along. What happened to those dreams? If you’re like most careerists, the reality is that you accepted that job way back when and ignored your own career aspirations.

If that is the case and you’re interested in getting back on your own career path, career planning is essential to the process. In fact, career planning should be addressed through all stages of adulthood and throughout the entire career cycle. Career planning puts the focus back on you and your personal desires. You’re able to avoid being sucked into a job that simply pays the bills. Clearly we all need to pay those bills, but there are ways to pay bills and have a fulfilling career at the same time.

A first step in career planning is to take stock and assess your personal purpose, short and long-term goals and your true interests. Actually, there are a few free or very affordable career assessments that can help you gain some momentum. You’ll want to develop a comprehensive list that matches up your interests with related careers and money-making opportunities.

It is never too late to make a career change or start career planning. If you have never developed a career plan, you’re probably missing out on opportunities. You may have ignored your creative side or quashed any thoughts about other roles. Whatever the case, it is essential that you remember that there are actually jobs out there that meet with your personal needs. You have to decide what you want, make a plan, and take action. Remember, the Internet has given rise to a new set of entrepreneurs who are making truly making their dreams a reality.

By focusing on what your employer wants and needs, have you met your own aspirations? Your personal wants and needs are important too. If you’re ready to pursue a career that meets your personal purpose and fulfills your personal passions, getting help in achieving these goals is a good idea. A career planning expert will help you to identify opportunities that you may never have considered otherwise.

Many careerists have made the commitment to themselves and are fulfilling their goals by working in jobs they love. You can do the same thing. Shifting the focus from your employer’s needs to yours and taking steps to reach your career aspirations is easier than you might think.

Obviously creating a new career takes time and effort but consider the payoff – isn’t it worth it? What could be better than getting up in the morning and going to a job that you love? Work does not have to be something you dread. It can be rewarding and make life more fulfilling. Plan your career around your own aspirations rather than someone else’s – get on a career path you love.