Are you afraid to ask or do you feel uncomfortable asking questions during your interview? What if the only thing between you and your next job was whether or not you asked questions? Avoid elimination from contention by engaging with your interviewer. Ask questions and you’ll be perceived as an interested and well-informed candidate – you’ll be taken much more seriously.

Here is a list of must ask interview questions. You might want to select a couple of questions for your interviewer. Don’t inundate your interviewer with questions – just have a couple in your hip pocket.

Top 20 Must Ask Interview Questions 300x191 - Top 20 Must Ask Interview Questions

  1. How does your company compare to its competition?
  2. What are its greatest strengths? Weaknesses? Threats?
  3. In your opinion, what was the greatest challenge for your company last year? Did you overcome the challenge? How? Or why not?
  4. What are the long term business goals for the company?
  5. How does your department fit into the company’s long term goals?
  6. Could you describe the company’s management philosophy?
  7. Could you describe the company’s corporate culture?
  8. What attracted you to this company? What keeps you here?
  9. Does the company promote additional training?
  10. Could you describe your management style?
  11. What is the culture across your department?
  12. How many employees work in your department?
  13. How much travel is expected in this position?
  14. What is a typical day like for an employee in this position?
  15. What are the daily objectives for the person who accepts this position? The top priorities?
  16. How is performance in this particular role measured? How often is performance reviewed? Who evaluates performance?
  17. Why is this position open/what created the need for this opening?
  18. What do you envision in the first 90 days in this role? In the first six months?
  19. How does this position align with the department’s objectives? The company’s objectives?
  20. What type of skills and abilities are possessed by the most successful individuals in the company?

Practice asking questions by role playing with a buddy. Do this until you’re no longer uncomfortable asking questions. You’ll appear much more confident while interviewing.

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