Three Quick Ways To Increase Your Energy Level 300x191 - Three Quick Ways To Increase Your Energy LevelIt’s tough to keep yourself energized all day – especially when there is so much expected from you. It is no wonder that you might be in search of ways to keep yourself invigorated. This is especially critical if you’re working on a career change. You need to be in peak mental and physical condition – it’s tough work!

At first, you might just need a cup of coffee to get moving. Later, you realize that you need a couple of cups of coffee before you’re ready for the day. And, when you try to stop drinking coffee, you’re hit with headaches.

Most of the energy drinks on the market are unnatural and can be addictive. In general, they are full of sugar. Initially, you get a sugar buzz, but then you crash – it’s inevitable. You need a little something to pick you back up. Do you see where I’m going with this? It’s a cycle.

So what can you do? You can actually increase your energy naturally. It is pretty simple and just means adding something new to your daily routine. Once you start, you’ll notice that you’re more awake, more refreshed, and your energy level is at its peak even on the most challenging day.

Here are three quick ways to increase your energy level:

1. Start your day with breakfast. Breakfast is essential – it is the most important meal of your day. Too bad it is the one most people skip. You might believe that you’re not really hungry and that it you can skip breakfast and then eat more later. Hmm, may sound like a good idea but doing so can mess with your metabolism as well as your energy level.

Remember, when you skip breakfast, you’re putting your body in starvation mode. It consumes muscle mass to carry on with its normal processes. The little energy you receive is actually at the expense of your muscles and your body’s other important functions.

When you take the time to eat breakfast, you’ll give your body exactly what it needs. And, you will feel more alert and energized.

2. Add exercise to your morning routine. Yes. It does sound awful – getting up early just to exercise. You’re already tired, right? Well, the first couple mornings might be difficult, and you might even want to say forget it. Don’t give up – convince yourself to give it a try.

Even if you’re digging in your heels on this one, if you give it a week or two, you will more than likely enjoy it. In fact, you’ll probably look forward to the activity in the morning, and you’ll find that it gives you much more energy than a cup of coffee.

3. I mentioned yoga in an earlier post. Yoga is a natural energy booster that’s been around as long as dirt. At its simplest, yoga is different stretches and body movements that you can practice any time during the day. Even if start a yoga session tense or stressed, you will leave feeling energized yet calm. Find a yoga class locally or grab a DVD if that works better for you.

4. Consider adding herbal supplements to your regimen. Herbs can actually boost energy naturally. In fact, herbs can help you to avoid the use of synthetic drugs. You can simply add herbs to your foods or take them in supplement form – whatever you prefer.

Take a look at ginseng, licorice, cayenne and sarsaparilla. All are popular choices that help increase your energy levels.

Change your daily routine just a bit and you will feel more energized throughout your day. You will enjoy the benefits of an unending natural energy source. YOU.

Patricia Erickson is a career management expert and personal development enthusiast. She recently wrote a new book entitled Career Management Guide: A Practical Approach To Career Change In Any Economy.

Patricia partners with career changers and job seekers to design strategies that transform careers. Patricia has helped clients to navigate toward their true career aspirations as well as finding purpose and personal fulfillment.