Three Easy Tips To Get You Ready For Your Next Career Fair 300x191 - Three Easy Tips To Get You Ready For Your Next Career FairReady For Your Next Career Fair?

There are a probably a couple of career fairs coming up in your area. Just make sure the events are open to the public before attending. Are you ready?

Not so fast. It’s not just about dressing for success and having a great resume. Being prepared for the next career fair involves some research. You’ll want to give yourself some time to check out industries and employers of interest (who will be in attendance at the event) so you can do some background work prior to attending.

You don’t want to waste your time at booths of employers with jobs you’re not interested in or with companies experiencing financial difficulties, planning major outsourcing initiatives, or even worse intentions of selling off their local sectors. Your research will ensure you know which companies to seek out at your next career fair.

Here are three easy tips to get you ready for your next career fair:

Tip #1

Check up on the guest list and decide which industries you are qualified to work in and decide which employers fit the bill. Develop a list of employers you want to meet with and get started on some research on your targets. You’ll want to find out what has been happening recently within the industry. What challenges has the industry faced of late? Also, get some ideas about current and emerging trends.

Tip #2

You’ve got your list of employers and know what industries they’re in – now what? Well, you can find some of the info mentioned above at America’s Career InfoNet, http://www.acinet.org. Select the Industry Information tab and you’ll have access to an industry profile, trends, projections, growth rates, skills in demand, and more.

Tip #3

You will want to research companies individually and to do that, you can check out their web sites to start. You’ll get basic info on company history, new initiatives, and maybe some financials. For a deeper look at the company, use the internet and search for news articles on the company. A search of http://www.hoovers.com will give you even more insights into companies and particular industries.

By using these tips, you’ll ensure you’re reaching out to the right employers at the career fair. You’ll have a good understanding of specific industries and employers, and hopefully you’ll avoid any underperforming companies.

As an added bonus you’ll be able to speak intelligently about the industry, emerging trends, and any new initiatives. You’ll have a lot to talk about with prospective employers and make a great impression!