If you’re preparing for a job interview, one of the best ways to get ready is to consider possible interview questions you may be asked.  The internet is the perfect place to find a wide array of different job interview questions and how you should properly answer them.  To help you get going with your preparation, here are 6 good answers for interview questions.

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1. Tell me about yourself

By far the most frequently asked question is this.  Make sure you have prepared a short statement that is focused primarily on work-related items and experience you have gained at previous jobs.  Make sure everything you talk about is related to the position you are applying for.

2. What experience do you have in this field?

When answering this question you want to have specific examples to talk about with the employer.  Highlight any internships or jobs that have prepared you for what you will face at the job you are applying for.  If you really have no experience, offer something as close as possible.

3. What do co-workers say about you?

When answering interview questions about co-workers, you want to have a specific quote or story from them.  Talk about a specific statement or paraphrase a story that highlights how previous co-workers felt about you.  By paraphrasing a statement they made it is as if they are telling the employee themselves.

4. Are you applying for other jobs?

It can be easy to lie with this question but you are better off being honest and upfront with them.  If you are, let them know.  Quickly respond to this and move on as you want to keep the focus strictly on the job you are interviewing for and how you can benefit them.

5. Why do you want to work at this job?

Give this interview question a lot of thought and relate it back to any research you have done on the company.  Be truthful and sincere about your answer and talk about your long-term career goals.  Let them know you want to excel in this industry at this particular job.

6. What kind of salary are you looking for?

This is one of the more difficult job interview questions to answer as it can be a lose-lose.  You are much better off not answering the question and instead ask them what the range for the position is.  If the employer will not tell you, let them know it depends on the details of the job.

These are some of the most common interview questions you will face.  There are hundreds of interview questions and answers that you can find online. Use some of these job interview tips, practice different interview techniques, and make sure you take the time to research and prepare to the best of your ability.

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