Self-Discipline is not a punishment! Self-discipline is a necessity if you want to accomplish anything. But, you need self-discipline just to improve your self-discipline. So, what’s a person to do? And, furthermore, what exactly is self-discipline?

It is the ability perform a task or behavior that is not enjoyable, without any outward compulsion to do it.Self Discipline Its Not A Punishment 300x191 - Self-Discipline: It's Not A Punishment!

An example of this is getting yourself to clean out the attic, even when you’d prefer to be hand fed grapes and feathered. You would do it even though it’s something that doesn’t have to be done right then. You get yourself to do it just because it needs to be done. Sounds pretty powerful; who wouldn’t want that?

Listen to our self-discipline affirmation.

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Here are five ways for you to develop your self-discipline and enjoy greater achievement in your life:

  1. Maintain your focus, like a Zen master. How do monks do it and why do they have so much discipline? They concentrate only on the task and keep that inner voice that screams “Ugh, NO!!” quiet. They do the work and think only about the work. Nothing else matters despite not enjoying the task.
  2. Acknowledge that you control your actions. Remember, you have free will and you can do as you please. You can choose to take on activity that needs to be done or not; even when you don’t like doing it.
  3. Keep the end result in mind before you get started. When you focus on what you will end up with, you’re focused on the results. It’s easier to take on a project when you think about the reward; then it’s easier to get started. Focus on the end at the beginning; it will make all the difference.
  4. Keep the distractions to a minimum. An extreme example of no distractions is Buddhist monks. They don’t touch money; they don’t shake hands with women; they only own a couple of robes, a bowl, and a spoon. They do not even prepare or store food. The reason? To eliminate all distractions.
  5. If you don’t allow yourself to focus on money, relationships, or possessions, your mind is free to focus on your main objective. Take on your task when you’re not likely to be sidetracked by more interesting or enjoyable activities.

Is It Important?

Get rid of anything in your life that isn’t meaningful to you. These things diminish the quality of your life and your focus. And, the serve as distractions from things that are actually important to you. Self-discipline, just like anything else comes with practice and it becomes a positive habit. Self-discipline can be [actually is] developed one decision at time. Take advantage of every opportunity; make self-discipline count. It gets easier with time.

Practice. Start with smaller tasks and see how well you can complete them without distraction. How many negative thoughts pop into your head? Remember to quiet your negative thoughts and focus on the importance of the task.

Always acknowledge your successes and your self-discipline. Reward your behavior. Aren’t you more likely to do it again if you get a reward?

Imagine your life without procrastination … you could do anything. The difference between regular people and highly successful people is that they get themselves to do the stuff the rest of us don’t like to do. Self-discipline is key if you want to reach a high level of success in your life.