108 Celebratory Bells

The Japanese spend the weeks prior to the New Year making sure that all debts are paid and ridding their homes of evil spirits. Debt management is one of the most popular resolutions made. Do you have a money resolution?

Need a Money Buddy?

Usually those with money problems don’t get out of them without a partner. A good way to dig out of the debt, is to tell your spouse or a friend and work together. As it is possible that both of you are contributing to the debt, working together will help bring to light new ways to improve your money management. If you find that having another person to assist you with your management plan is preferable, there are plenty of alternative options available from engaging a bookkeeper, turning to a financial advisor or even to a credit counselor.

Consider this: 

  • A bookkeeper can take over bill payments and the checkbook while staying affordable.
  • Credit counseling can clean up your credit, however it won’t help you with debts.
  • Be aware of financial programs consolidating debt.

Celebration Bells 300x191 - Celebration Bells

Back to how the Japanese celebrate their New Year…

They resolve disagreements and forgive others. Before midnight, 108 bells are rung symbolizing the elimination of 108 troubles. Let’s hope you don’t have that many!

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