An Arm And A Leg For A Resume 300x191 - Resume Writing Professional: An Arm And A Leg For A Resume?Are you in the market for a new resume or CV? I think it is important to mention that you don’t have to pay nearly a thousand dollars for an executive level resume or CV. Many times these big boy firms charge upward of a thousand dollars for resumes. And in most cases those companies – the big boys, actually hire certified writers who charge far less through their own companies.

In some instances there are better reasons to go with a small company. You can actually get some great perks along with the purchase of a resume if you go with a smaller firm.

Of course the real advantage is in doing due diligence before hiring a resume writer. Check out your options. Some of the freebies that smaller companies include are free thank you letters, free job search coaching, interview help or deeply discounted updates for returning customers.

  • Another advantage to a smaller company is support. You might find yourself faced with an interview question or job search dilemma. Some of the larger companies contract out the resume writing process and you actually never even speak to a resume writer – if that’s the case, how are you going to get your questions answered?
  • On the other side of the coin, a $700 resume might give you access to employers that a smaller firm would not have access to, so clearly you have to decide what works for you.

The point I am trying to make is that you’ll want to get all of the info you need before placing your order. That way you’re not paying an arm and a leg!

Resume writing can be affordable and help you get interviews. Career Management Expert, Patricia Erickson writes high impact resumes for job seekers and career changers. Patricia is the creator of Get Interviews, Get Hired Now! the complete guide to job winning interviews.