Writing a good resume is not as easy as it may seem.  Professional resume writing services and professional resume writers make the task look easy. There is much more to it than listing your previous jobs and highlighting your qualifications.  There is a craft to resume writing that includes using powerful verbiage, generating reader interest, and creating a design that is pleasing to the eye.  To help you through the process, here are some questions you might want to think about when writing a resume.

What should it be about?

Although this question may seem rather obvious, you want to make the resume
as much about you and how your accomplishments and experience relate to the job you are applying for.  There is no point in listing all of the programs and software you have worked with if it has nothing to do with the job.  Keep it simple and focused on what you are applying for.

What is the first step?

Your resume should immediately tell the reader what position you are interested in so there is no question where your resume belongs. Then write a brief summary over viewing your expertise.  Be concise about what makes you the ideal candidate.  A powerful statement will grab their attention.

Chronological or functional?

Questions For DIY Resume Writers 2 300x191 - Questions For DIY Resume WritersTypically companies prefer job seekers to have everything in chronological order as oppose to functional as this allows them to quickly look at what your most recent work as been.  In addition, it will allow them to see that you have been gradually progressing throughout your career.  The only time you would really use a functional resume is if you are going to be changing careers or if there are major gaps in your work history – if you don’t meet either of these criteria, consider a new resume format. Use it as a last resort.

What if there are gaps in your work history?

If it is a significant amount of time, mention what you were doing. You could always state you were at a full-time parent, doing community service, practicing family management or in school full-time.

What are PAR statements and why should they be used?

Using PAR statements is a great way of writing your resume. Professional resume writers use this method to describe a problem, define the action taken, and detail the results. You can use this method to show your ability to tackle a problem, overcome the obstacle, and complete the project successfully.

Writing a good resume is not the easiest process, but with some time, the proper research, and some patience, you too can produce a job-winning resume.  Take into consideration the questions listed in this article as well as the tips on writing a resume to help you create the perfect document.

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