Practical Yet Unconventional Gifts For Graduates 300x191 - Practical Yet Unconventional Gifts For GraduatesIf you’re having trouble selecting a gift for your new graduate, I’ve got five unconventional yet excellent ideas for you. Nope – they’re not your usual luggage, briefcase, laptop, dorm fridge, or iPhone that’s for sure. A drone would be an amazing gift, there are plenty of drone companies to choose from. I do have to admit that the laptop or iPhone will probably appeal most to your new graduate, however, (s)he is going to be entering a challenging job market to say the least. These five gift ideas might be just what they need to gain the edge they need over some very tough competition .

Gift #1

A business suit is actually a good idea. Remember, they’re not teenagers any more. This will work well for your grad when going on interviews. For males, select a black, navy, or grey suit with a conservative shirt and tie. Choose something conservative for female grads too. You can go with something a bit trendy remembering that stylish is good. You don’t want your graduate to be remembered as the one in the hot pink suit with the lime green flip flops and matching accessories.

Gift #2

Any graduate will benefit from a well written resume. If it gets your graduate a telephone or personal interview, fantastic! The resume is a marketing piece and of the most effective ways for your graduate to showcase (s)he strengths, abilities, practical experience, and accomplishments. Without a well written resume, there’s no chance to stand out above the competition. A resume is best left up to a certified professional resume writer. Look for someone who understands how to tailor a resume to a specific industry and to the role your grad is targeting.

Gift #3

Another terrific gift is giving your graduate the gift of communication. If (s)he struggles with public speaking, hiring a communication and speaking coach will open up a new world and some pretty great opportunities. This is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to end up in a leadership role. A communication and speaking will work with your grad on appropriate behavior in social settings, networking, and public speaking. And, the coach will tailor strategy sessions to your graduate’s personal style, needs, and budget.

Gift #4

Speaking another language is an excellent way for your graduate to advance. There are many affordable classes, online offerings, and prerecorded products available. This is a great way for your grad to gain the advantage over other applicants. Many employers seek out candidates with additional language skills.

Gift #5

Finally, hiring a career coach is a terrific way to enable your graduate to identify personal strengths, map out a comprehensive career plan, and set challenging career goals focused on personal and professional aspirations. A career coach will work with your grad to map out the transition from school to work. The partnership that your graduate forms with a career coach will be instrumental in making a lifetime of well-informed career decisions.

Granted, these gifts are probably not at the top of your graduate’s list. However, choosing one or two of these items will give your grad an edge over the competition. That said, you still might want to make one of those gifts the iPhone – it’s the only way you know you’ll get calls even after s(he) lands that dream job!