Personal Peace Endures Through The Storm 300x191 - Personal Development: Personal Peace Endures Through The StormThis post is meant to be about personal development and self reflection. Are you weathering a life filled with powerful storms? If you are, read on.

Consider this:

When I am living through the storms of life, personal peace enables me to prevail. My peace is enduring and all encompassing.

The stormier my life gets, the more I abandon my inner desires and allow the hands of peace carry me. In the hands of peace, my needs melt away. Personal needs are replaced by a desire for harmony.

It is easy to be composed when the sun is shining. When the clouds begin to roll in and darken the day, I allow my inner sense of calm to take over my emotions.

When anger brews within me because of an injustice, peace, like a soft blanket covers me. I choose to breathe deeply and allow tranquility to overtake me. My emotions are balanced and now in order. Trying situations are futile against me because I am so well prepared.

Rather than waiting until I am in the middle of a storm to desperately pursue serenity, I actively engage in harmony each and every day. I whisper words of peace and think before I act. The longer I calmly reflect on a constraint, the less difficult it becomes.

In the heat of the moment, there are issues that feel much greater than what I am able to handle. In those instances, stress creeps up and slowly steals my peace. If I pause to breathe and think, it helps me to calm down and keep things in perspective.

Today, I choose to remain calm, especially in the middle of the storm. I do this by allowing myself time to withdraw from the situation and put things in perspective.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I practice peace? Do I do this regularly?

2. When I allow myself time to calm down, what happens to my emotions?

3. Why is it important to stay calm instead of allowing myself to become overwhelmed?

4. What steps to I need to take to get in the habit of regularly practicing peace?