I Choose For Peace To Lead Me 300x191 - Personal Development: I Choose For Peace To Lead MeDo you allow life to get in the way of your personal peace? It’s tough not to. This personal development exercise is for you to decide whether you need to make changes to your life to get the focus back on you, peace and your well being.


Take some time to reflect…

I follow the way of peace and stay far from the path of confusion. I work to have peace with every step I take. I may not always sure about where I am heading, because I certainly don’t know everything, but I always trust my inner sense of direction.

I take risks but avoid violating my peace. When I am uneasy about a situation, I listen to my inner being because it means that I need to wait before making a decision. I would prefer to delay an action rather than take a wrong action. I wait still until peace leads the way.

I work to have a heightened sense of awareness of my conscience. When I hear my conscience speaking out to me, I obey. My conscience is a gift that I allow to guide me – a compass that keeps me headed in the right direction.

I realize that I am strong enough to do the right thing, even when I don’t want to, because I have my emotions well under control. In fact, I am in charge of the thoughts on which I allow my mind to dwell. Rather than living by my emotions, my emotions are subjected to my will.

In essence, every decision I make must be approved by my conscience. Losing sleep and feeling regret are powerful signals that tell me something is wrong. When those signals flash, I proceed with deliberate caution.

I stop to do some take in some self-reflection and guide myself back to a path that restores my peace. When I separate my rational brain from my irrational desires, I make far better decisions.

Today, I choose to head down the path of peace. I avoid anything that causes confusion and I pursue clarity

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Am I at peace with my most recent decisions?
  2. Do I recognize the voice of my conscience when it is decision-making time?
  3. Do I choose to allow my emotions to lead me or do I follow peace?

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