I Accept That There Are Situations I Cannot Control 300x191 - Personal Development:  I Accept That There Are Situations I Cannot ControlAs someone who always wants to be in the driver’s seat I enjoyed this post. This piece is really about personal reflection – do you want to be in control of all or most situations?  If so, read on and enjoy…

Consider this:

Honestly, the only person I can actually control is me. I choose to let go of my tendency to try to control opinions as well as the decisions of others.

Just as I must have the right to express my personal opinions, I accept the fact that there are others who might disagree with me from time to time.

In fact, at times, I wish I could take charge of a particular situation or actually control the outcome, but I realize that is often outside of my control and purview.

There is nothing positive that can come from agonizing over something that is completely out of my control. When the outcome is out of my hands, all I can do is anticipate the worst and hope for the best .

While I do accept the situations that I cannot control, I rigorously seek solutions to the ones I can.

Personal and family disputes are within my control. Work-related troubles can occasionally be within my control. However, political hardships, machinations of large organizations, or the behavior of another individual are outside my area of control.

With my personal sanity in consideration, I relinquish my grasp on situations that I have no say in. Unexpected incidents are a part of life and its realities. When life throws me curve balls, I handle them with grace and dignity.

When I am handed lemons, I make a pitcher of refreshing lemonade or lemon pie! Either way, I find a solution and overcome my challenges.

I remember that there is always a positive aspect to every negative situation. If I remove my emotions from the situation and step back a bit, I see things in a new light.

Today, I do understand that there are certain situations that are out of my control. As a matter of fact, the only person I have power over is me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why am I controlling – is it because I do not trust others to handle things correctly?
2. Do I push too hard? Is my opinion actually overbearing?
3. How can I make improvements to the situations I can control?