Perks And Problems Associated With Working At Home 300x191 - Life On The Job: Perks And Problems Associated With Working At HomeDo you dream of working from home?  Chances are you do when you’re in a rush, commuting to and from the office, or sitting across from a complete idiot. You might have to face a boss everyday that you simply cannot stand – perhaps your true aspiration is to communicate with him/her via e-mail. Whatever the issue, you can get away from it all – most of it anyway. But before you approach your employer with your plan to work at home, you should make sure working at home is a good fit for you.

Working from home is not for everyone. So how do you tell if it is something that you should pursue?  Read on.

There are some definite perks in working at home.

  • Your commute is much shorter. This writer’s commute went from an hour and twenty minutes one way to down the stairs after a quick shower.
  • Clothing can certainly be more casual and comfortable.
  • Vehicle wear and tear and filling up twice becomes a thing of the past.
  • In some instances you set your own hours and work at your own pace.
  • You’re away from it all – well, most of it.
  • If you have kids or pets, you’re able to be with them a bit more. And maybe you will need to be interested in things like or fever remedy for chilldren.

On the flip side there are some problems associated with working from home.

  • Your role at your company can diminish because you’re no longer hands on.
  • The position you hold at your company can diminish too much for the same reasons.
  • Some may think you work less. Some may think that since you work at home you are more expendable.
  • Certainly there is less interaction with others and you can easily become disengaged.
  • You can work your own hours but your day can actually become longer.
  • Remember those kids and pets? You are able to be with them much more. Their radar somehow turns on when you’re in a rush – they have impeccable timing.
  • Relatives and friends have no problem popping in unannounced and expecting that you can drop everything.

If you determine that working at home is the right move for you, despite the problems, you’ll want to set some ground rules. You’ll be able to take advantage of the perks and avoid the problems. Here’s how:

  • Stay in touch with your employer and your coworkers to show that you are still a vital contributor to the company.
  • Keep yourself in the loop by knowing all about new initiatives. Volunteer to take on new projects.Perks And Problems Associated With Working At Home 300x191 - Life On The Job: Perks And Problems Associated With Working At Home
  • Go into the office regularly. Remember you still want to be an integral part of the company. If a deadline is approaching on a project, make sure to make yourself available.
  • Set and keep personal timelines. Your day doesn’t have to be any longer than it did when you worked at the office.
  • Remind friends and family that you work during the day. You wouldn’t be expected to drop everything and head to the mall if you were working from the office would you?

Chances are you still won’t get away from it all, but you may rid yourself of that idiot coworker. Before you approach your employer with your idea of working at home, make sure it is a good fit for you. And, be sure you are able to demonstrate just how your working at home will benefit your employer. Who knows, maybe you’ll be working at home soon.