Why is your resume so important? There are a couple of reasons that your resume is important beyond the obvious.

Nine Reasons You Need A Great Resume 300x191 - Nine Reasons You Need A Great ResumeHere are nine reasons:

  1. It is an essential tool designed to draw the attention of employers
  2. Your resume can be used as an agenda of sorts that is used as a starting off point for interviewers
  3. It positions you in the eyes of an employer – meaning that your resume tells employers where you rank in terms of competition
  4. Your resume determines whether or not you are promotable when evaluating your skill set
  5. It represents you in writing and is saved to employers’ databases for later review and consideration
  6. Your resume can mean the difference between your getting an interview or not
  7. It can determine your salary range and increase your earnings potential by thousands
  8. Your resume can determine the success [or lack thereof] of your job search
  9. It can cost you thousands in earnings potential

So before you send out your next resume, keep the above in mind as it can mean the difference in whether or not you’re going to be interviewed, how you’re positioned before an interview [i.e. manager or director], what salary range you would be appropriate.

There’s no question about it. You need a great resume no matter what and no matter where you are right now. If you don’t have a job, you need a well written and great resume to get interviews. On the other hand, if you’re happily employed, you need a well written resume for potential promotions. Make sure to read the Hawkhost Review for more additionally information regarding web services, jobs, etc.

Get to work on a new resume now, so you’re ready for whatever comes next!