Do you think about changing jobs or changing career paths? If you do, you are absolutely not alone. In the US millions of careerists Six Signs You Might Want to Make A Career Change 300x191 - Need A New Job? Six Signs You Might Want to Make A Career Change!dream of working for a new company and many more dream of working for themselves. Sure, tons of people want to make a career change, but is the feeling fleeting or is an actual need?

Sign #1

You actually dread going to work. Sunday nights you toss and turn knowing you have to go back to that place again on Monday morning. Sometimes the anticipation of Monday morning is so bad that you get physically sick.

Sign #2

You find yourself over utilized. As a matter of fact, many employees have left the company and the work of others has been absorbed by those employees who have stayed on. In essence the company is understaffed, employees are overworked and there is no end in sight. Come to think of it, this is actually the corporate culture and key to the bottom line – employees be damned.

Sign #3

You have difficulty taking time off of work. You have vacation time available, have given plenty of advance notice, and still your vacation is not approved. Or, your vacation is approved but you are required to stay in contact with your employer while you’re away. You’re tied to your employer by mobile phone or by e-mail for the duration of your vacation.

Sign #4

There is no way for you to move up in the company. You’ve expressed your interest in moving up and have done a great deal in terms of professional development and still you are not considered for advancement.

Sign #5

You do not receive praise for your contributions or for work that you do that is far above and beyond. As a matter of fact, you give 100% and still you are not recognized.

Sign #6

Your employer is a bit of an ass. You know for certain that your employer does not treat all employees equally. In fact you know your employer goes out of his/her way for one employee and the other employee is disciplined for the same violations. You wonder if you were in the same situation how your employer would treat you.

The six signs above are obviously just a few of the points that you might want to take into consideration when considering making a career change. You have to decide whether quitting your job is fleeting or a actually a need.

Also, you have to decide if any or all of these signs can be addressed, resolved, or should be ignored. Who knows, you might be able to make some changes and be happy in your job again. Certainly you will want to weigh your options and use your best judgment.

No matter what you decide in terms of making your next career move – whether you decide to work for someone else or go out on your own, what is important is that you do nothing rash. It is important that your career development toolkit includes: researching your options, making educated decisions, and be based on a solid career plan. By planning and taking steps that based on your aspirations, your next career will be one that meets your personal aspirations and brings you personal fulfillment.