This article really resonated with me and I hope it will with you too. There are times when we all need to remember to believe in
Success Cannot Happen Without Belief 300x191 - Mindset: Success Cannot Happen Without Beliefourselves. So how do you achieve success? It isn’t always clear, but read this article by author Steve Lauri to discover the answers.

By: Steve Lauri

The one thing that all self-made successful people have in common is this: they have the mindset that success cannot happen without belief.

No doubt you’ve heard many people, when asked how they achieved success, say something like “You can do anything you set your mind to.”

That is a summation for an entire process that takes place en route to success.

The first step in that process is “belief”: Belief in what you’re doing and also belief in yourself. Those that believe strongly enough in their mission always find a way to achieve it. Often times they even have more faith in the mission at hand than they do in themselves.

On the other hand, those with great self confidence and a strong belief in themselves are able to take on most any type of challenge. Perhaps the greatest gift a parent or any mentor can give to a child is the gift of self esteem.

Action occurs belief. When people are uncomfortable with what needs done procrastination tends to prevail. Belief allows them to overcome that mental struggle and to perform with confidence.

There are many reasons for this. Belief tends to lead to passion. Passion leads to detail. And detail leads to proper planning. The more detailed someone is about what they’re doing the more likely they will do it well.

It’s often been said that a goal without a plan is really just a dream. Those that get things done successfully compared to those that don’t are able to turn their dreams into reality because they have the belief and detailed plan to do so.

When your actions are taken with confidence you certainly create a greater probability that the end results will be positive. Those around you feed off your positive energy which contributes even more to success.

But it doesn’t end there. To ensure that you haven’t strayed from the plan of action there needs to be some form of evaluation performed along the way.

Evaluation is done through follow up and feedback. They are integral aspects to success. It you’re not doing something correctly, you need to know so you can make the necessary changes.

But if you are on the right path to success you also need to have that affirmed. An evaluation of accomplishment will determine that.

For an evaluation to be effective it must look at both the positive achievements and the areas needing improvement. When you approach the evaluation stage in this fashion you are more likely to have an open mind about this process.

After completing this step your evaluation will lead to an even higher belief. You’ve determined changes needing made in your direction (if any) and will continue the process of visualization, belief in what you’re doing and planning for success.

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