Is It Important To Love Your Job 300x191 - Is It Important To Love Your Job?

Do You Love Your Job Or Hate It With A Passion?

If you’re like most of the US, you’re working longer hours of job and you’re constantly attached to work by technology. On top of that, Americans are now working a couple more years before retiring. That was before the big bust – now who knows how long it will take people across the US to rebuild their 401ks before retirement.

Is It Even Necessary For You To Like Your Job?

So, with a tanked economy, extended work hours, and plans to work years longer before riding off in a top-of-the-line motorhome, I am wondering, is it still important to love your jobs? In my opinion, it is even more important to love what you do! Certainly, I am not suggesting quitting your jobs in search of a new career as a lounge singer (nothing wrong with lounge singing) but I am suggesting that if you hate your job there is a way out. My intention is to provide some tips and tools on how to move on to greener pastures if that’s what does it for you. If you have questions that you want answered on anything career related including interviewing, resumes, jobs searchers, or coaching, I will be happy to answer!