Interview Coach Prepare For Your Interview Step 4 300x191 - Interview Coach: Prepare For Your Interview, Step 4This post is part of a series dedicated to getting ready for your next interview.
In earlier posts, I talked about the resume, telephone interview and the on site/in person interview. Each of these are key elements in your interview success.

Just to bring you up to speed, in earlier posts, I talked about First Step, The Resume, the Telephone Interview, Step 2 and the On Site/In Person Interview, Step 3 – these are steps you don’t want to miss in interview preparation. Step 3 is about getting yourself prepared for the on site/in person interview.

Step 4 is about dressing for success. Some job seekers and career changers think that this is a step they can ignore. After all, they have the credentials and the background – what employer would let a little thing like appearance get in the way?

Hmm… That’s a valid point – I guess. However, look at it from this perspective. You’re applying for a store manager position at the local QuickeeMart. You have come into the store on several occasions and have seen the way that the employees dress. You feel that your new jeans and button down shirt will be fine for the interview.

They might very well be just fine for the interview. But what if several of your competitors come in dressed in suits and ties? They look well put together and they don’t look out of place – they just took the suit coat off and draped it over their arm.

If you’re the hiring manager, who are you going to be most impressed with in terms of appearance? Just by looks alone, who are you going to trust with your customers – jeans guy or suit and tie guy?

Competition is pretty tough. Do you really want to risk a career opportunity? Instead, try this:


  • Wear a  suit, simple tie, and matching shoes.
  • Shave and look well groomed.
  • Watch the aftershave/cologne.
  • Once you arrive if you feel over dressed, remove the jacket.


  • Wear a conservative suit with matching shoes/accessories.
  • Watch your neckline – keep it appropriate.
  • Keep your perfume to a minimum.
  • Your hair should be well cared for and recently cut.
  • Keep your jewelry to a minimum.

These are just some simple tips that might give you the edge over the other guy.

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