The fact is an employer is looking for an individual to fill an open position, and they’re looking for someone with the right skill set, education, and professional background. With that in mind, it is easy to see that the most effective resume is one that is written to address the needs of the employer and the particular job opening.A resume that shows how closely your skills match the employer’s job opening is the best way to clearly demonstrate your level of expertise and show just how well you would fit in.

Consider my client, Etti Simon, who asked me to write a resume so she could apply for several positions. She had expertise in both HR and operations. Her plan was to apply for both HR and operations jobs simply using the same resume.     I discouraged her from doing that and here’s why!   Although there would be similarities in each document, Etti would really want the HR resume to demonstrate:

  • Successful management of HR programs
  • Expertise in recruitment and retention
  • Strengths in training and development
  • Ability to develop and enforce organizational policies and procedures
  • Efficacy as a management resource and coach
  • Knowledge of complex local, state, federal employment lawsHow to Write an Interview Winning Resume 300x191 - How to Write an Interview Winning Resume

Etti’s operations resume should demonstrate her:

  • Proven success in management of all aspects of the business, including financial administration, property management, staff administration, and internal/external relations
  • Leadership abilities
  • Strengths in developing short, stretch, and long-term goals
  • Highlight the team’s ability to execute
  • Prove how well she was able to generate growth and profitability

Do you see the difference? An employer looking for someone in HR is not going to be as concerned about Etti’s ability to manage plant as they will be with her ability to develop comprehensive training programs. Moreover, employers won’t be looking at how well Etti gets on with members of the business community. They are going to be looking to see if Etti has demonstrated success as a management resource and if she knows her stuff when it comes to employment law.

To ensure success, remember to target your resume to the job you’re looking for and remember to address the needs of the employer as closely as your skill set will allow. Use these tips and you’ll definitely write an interview winning resume!

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