If you’re planning on writing a summary rather than using an objective, you’ll want to have a formula that works for you. Read on and you’ll have employers calling.

How To Write A Summary That Works For You 300x191 - How To Write A Summary That Works For YouYour summary can be either a short paragraph or bulleted statements. It should contain just a couple of sentences. There’s not a limit or hard fast rule about sentence limit, but keep it brief – you probably don’t want to take up more than a quarter of the page for sure.

The summary should be high impact and it should allow the employer to quickly grasp who you are and what you do.

For Example:

Accomplished Financial Planner Professional with notable success achieving double-digit returns for all clients through well-balanced financial portfolios.

Remember, it is essential that the summary be well crafted, as it is the first impression your potential employer will have of you.

Next There Are Three Things A Well-Written Summary Should Address:

1) Your professional experience and skills as they relate to your ideal job
2) An overview of your accomplishments
3) What you bring to the organization and the job itself that no other candidate can

Steer Clear Of Summaries Like This Because They Focus On What You Want And Not What You Bring To The Organization:

• Looking for a position that allows me to grow and use all of my many skills.
• Would like to work with a firm that utilizes my expertise and enables me to reach my fullest potential.
• Seeking a position with a company focused on growth, development and advancement.

The goal is for you to be noticed, grab the employer’s attention with your expertise and show how you’re going to do the job better than anyone else. Do that and you’ll have a summary that works for you.