Some of my clients come to me as an executive resume writer after attempting to write their own resumes. They discover that there are numerous complexities in writing a high-level professional/executive resume that yields unexpected results [interviews].

Consider the following questions:

First, what type of position are you looking for? Is the resume tailored to that specific position?

Is the executive summary consistent with the organization’s business, infrastructure, program, and other objectives?

Is the summary pertinent to your career goals? How does it demonstrate your ability to lead, plan strategically, and adapt to and drive change?

Is your resume relevant to the position for which you’re applying, considering both your current experience and past successes?

Does it demonstrate your visionary and strategic abilities, history of accomplishments, and quantifiable results, and show exactly how well qualified you are to take a step up in your career?

Promote Yourself

High-level executives and professionals are blind to the strategies and nuances necessary to sell themselves.

Consider this: are employers interested in someone who is in charge of a department that has increased its performance by 15%? Or do they want someone who devised a strategy and led the team in putting it into action, increasing performance by 15%?

Doesn’t the term “responsible for” sound more passive? You take a much more active role in the process and demonstrate your ability to achieve in the “developed a plan” statement. You don’t just do something; you take ownership of it.

Make a statement

A high-impact resume will give you a competitive advantage. You can increase your earning potential by $10,000 to $60,000 [based on client feedback]. If you’re dusting off your old resume and cover letter, you should reconsider your strategy. Your competitors are hiring exceptional writers to position themselves for success. Do you want to risk your career and earning potential?

When an employer has more than 30 or 40 resumes to read [probably more in this market], you must stand out quickly. It is critical to have a high-impact resume that stands out from the crowd. It’s not just about applying for jobs, is it? It’s a career – it’s your career.

Remember that your competitors are using every tool available to them to get hired. After all, it is their dream job as well! 

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