If it is time for you to make a career move, your resume must position you as a leader within your field, align with your career
target, and showcase your accomplishments. Your competitors will have resumes that stand out and demonstrate their
capabilities. Does yours? Your resume should ensure that you look the part, have the gravitas to position you at a higher level, emphasize youHD M485 01 300x200 - High-Level Professional And Executive Resume Writing For Career Movesr history of success.

Think about it this way – this is hypothetical of course.

You and one other candidate have the exact same experience and expertise. You both are going through the interview process.

So far you’ve both done an outstanding job. In fact, you’re both going to get hired. There’s a position that is at a higher level
that you’re both being considered for. How do they decide which position to put you in and how do they decide which position
to put your competitor in? There’s a $40,000 difference for the higher-level position. Prospective employers are looking at both
of your resumes. Does yours position you as a leader? Does it position you as the higher level leader?
Today’s career market is challenging and there’s a lot at stake. You will want to be prepared for any contingency and have a
resume that distinguishes you from others. It offers insights into your unique abilities and expertise. Every line should sell you.
You are being compared to your competitors – does your resume have the ability to get you in the door? A well-written resume
can increase your earning potential by $10,000 to $60,000 [based on client comments] or more. Are you willing to take a
chance with a resume you've been using since you graduated or one you've been adding on to for the past 10 years? Your

competitors are not taking any chances – are you?