It’s Here Again…Hope You Have A Happy New Year!

What a great time to start something new. The New Year usually brings with it hope for making positive changes in one’s life.  Often these changes include making improvements to your health, lifestyle or relationships.  Some people make resolutions to change their economic situation. Others make decisions to change their careers.

So here’s a tip for you. Hopefully it will help you to achieve your New Year’s Resolution.

2015 Resolution Tip

Formalize your resolution.  Get to the “heart of it” so to speak.  Steer clear of terms like “exercise more,” “lose weight,” or “get a new job.”  Instead, commit to exercising for x minutes every day.  And don’t go crazy on the “x” either. Rather, commit to a few minutes every day so that you stretch a bit (sorry couldn’t resist), but don’t set a goal you know you won’t hit.

Happy 2015 300x191 - Happy 2015!

Here’s what I mean:

“I will exercise vigorously for 10 minutes every day in the morning before I eat breakfast.”

See how that becomes achievable? Yet by committing to doing it every morning you are challenging yourself a bit, but you’re not over doing it.

Here’s another action step.  Get a calendar out and dedicate it to your new resolution actions.  So every day you meet your goal write down how many minutes you did on the calendar.

Chances are you’ll start off very consistent with your 10 minute workout, but as time passes you will start to add a minute or two.  Record your activity on your on your calendar. It’s gratifying to see how you are sticking to the promise. Be sure to set milestones and when you make them, reward yourself!

What if you miss a day? Don’t mentally punish yourself. Remember that things come up. Maybe you were up all night or you woke up feeling ill.  If you can’t hit the 10 minutes in the morning due to unforeseen circumstances, simply pick it up in the afternoon. Or take a brisk walk after dinner. You can  fit in 10 minutes anytime during the day.

Take Action

You don’t have to change everything about yourself at once!! So, it’s not necessary to commit to several resolutions. Take a moment to reflect on the one thing you want to change for good.  Make that commitment today.

More about making change to come!

Patricia Erickson