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Market Yourself

Since the purpose of a resume is to market yourself to employers, it is important that you do a great job of selling yourself and your expertise. If your writing skills and resume strategy are not effective, chances are your resume will go in the do not call pile rather than the stack marked the schedule an interview ASAP.

Make It High Impact

Creating a high impact resume begins with a relevant title and summary. What that means is don’t send a resume entitled Customer Service Manager to an employer who is looking for a Sales Relationship Manager. Same with the summary – your summary should emphasize your expertise in sales relationship management not about your expertise as a customer service manager. Even if the jobs are closely related, tailor the resume to the job for which you are applying. Honestly, there really are no effective general resumes.

Showcase Your Expertise

A high impact resume is one that demonstrates how you will meet the needs of the employer. In the summary, don’t go on about what you are seeking (seeking a challenging role blah, blah, blah). You want to showcase your expertise as it relates to the position.

Keep It Simple

Your resume does not need to go into every last detail. Create a good summary of your duties and put those in a paragraph. Follow with bullets about your major accomplishments. There’s usually no need to write about more than five or six accomplishments.

Avoid Errors

Watch out for errors. There’s nothing worse than seeing a great candidate and then finding an error on the resume. You might not get eliminated from the mix, but why take the chance. You want to develop a high impact resume that shows you’re the best candidate. You don’t want to be remembered for the error on your resume.

Sign Up

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