Despite the economy and the limited number of jobs that are available, there are still opportunities for you to jump on right now.  Just keep in mind it is up to you to be prepared to take advantage of anything that opens up as there are many people just like you out there job hunting. Take a look at these five job hunting strategies in this article into consideration to help you find the right opportunity.

Five Job Hunting Strategies And Tips On How To Find A Job 2 300x191 - Five Job Hunting Strategies And Tips On How To Find A JobYou would think your logical move would be to search the internet and find one of the many job sites available. There are countless job hunting sites and web pages filled with advice and strategies you can use to better your chances of landing a job, so that’s perfect, right? Well, not necessarily. You and your competition are making the same moves. How will you get an edge over other job seekers if you are searching the same sites? You won’t. Rather, use the internet to look at professional and industry associations, social networking opportunities, school and employer alumni associations, online groups, and job hunting support groups.

In addition to the above, take some time to look at web sites like Craig’s List. Craig’s List is a little less mainstream when compared to most of the popular job searching sites spanning the internet. It allows you to locate specific jobs in your area of interest and you can narrow down the list and help you focus on what is actually available in your locale. Again, this is a bit less mainstream than larger sites, so it may of help in your search.

When was the last time you used your public library to its fullest extent? It’s time. Your next strategy is to hit your local library. Whether you’re considering new jobs in the same industry, new career options, or a complete career transformation, your library is filled with resources and information that can help. And, the great part about the library is that if you get stuck, there are librarians ready and willing to help you through the process. Definitely worth checking out.

If you are having difficulty getting an interview on your own and want some assistance, you can always hire an expert, counselor, or career coach.  Today, using a career management expert is one of the top job hunting strategies and will increase your chances of landing a job.  Career management experts can help you improve your resume, provide you with comprehensive sources and references, and provide you with tips to help you stand out from the rest of the crowd. A one-on-one session can get pricey for most job seekers so be sure to consider group coaching as an affordable alternative.

The final tip for your job hunting process is to apply, apply, apply. No matter how discouraged you may be, you won’t get a job if you give up.  Some of the best advice for preparing for a job search is to send out as many resumes as you can within the field that interests you and constantly research new openings. If you meet at least 70% of the required skills, be sure to send your resume.

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