First Impressions: The Psychology Behind Making A Great One

According to psychological studies, first impressions are formed in less than 20 seconds. Your tone of voice, what you say, and how you say it all play a role in your first impression. With that in mind, here’s an infographic that gives you the skinny on making great impressions.

The Psychology Behind First Impressions 300x191 - The Psychology Behind First Impressions

As you meet new people, think about how they might see you. Make it a point to manage their first impression of you.

  • Are you friendly or do you appear closed-off and aloof?
  • Is your tone of voice warm?
  • If you’re out in the yard working on the lawn, jeans and a t-shirt are perfect – if you’re at an interview are you dressed for the position?
  • Is your body language open and fluid?

It’s important that you appear capable and confident. And if you want people to see you as warm, show some interest in speaking with people. Ask simple questions to show you’re engaged.

As you meet new people, remember how to make a good first impression. Practice will have you making great first impressions each and every time.

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