Will An Accountability Partner Help You Succeed?

Have you ever heard of an accountability partner? Do a search on the web and you’ll find that accountability partners help each other adhere to specific goals and behaviors. Accountability partners are a great motivator and are valuable in all areas of life.

With respect to resolutions, the term refers to someone who partners with you to keep you on track with your goals. Before you begin the accountability partnership, you’ll want to think about what you want from the relationship and how you will realize your objectives. If you don’t, more than likely, you’ll end up wasting time on topics not related to your ultimate goal.

Ever Think About An Accountability Partner 300x191 - Ever Think About An Accountability Partner?

Begin by:

  • Establishing the goal for the relationship and discuss your plans with your partner.
  • Be sure they’re willing to set aside a few minutes each week to talk.
  • Plan on talking about your progress, wins, and possible pitfalls or setbacks.

By working with an accountability person, you’ll become more committed to your goal. Often your accountability partner will help you with ideas that get you through any rough patches.

Patricia Erickson