Considerations Before A Career Change 300x191 - Considerations Before A Career ChangeIn this contribution, Considerations Before a Career Change, Grant Littleton does a great job of describing some of the issues that come up for career changers. In my new Career Guide, I make mention of a couple more questions that might come up.

A couple of those include:

1)      Plan on going out on informational interviews to build your new network.

2)      Bring the experience you need to the job, meaning don’t quit your current job until you have the experience you need to start a new job.

3)      Have a high impact resume for your career change.

Read on and enjoy Grant’s informative article…

Considerations Before a Career Change

By Grant Littleton

Far too often, people are gunghoe about going and find another job until they finally quit and realize that they are not making money any longer. Even though another industry may seem like it is much better, you need to realize that there are certain considerations that need to be taken into account before you quit your current job.

Do you have another job lined up?
Generally you do not want to quit your job to try and change careers until you already have another job in that field lined up

Are you going to go back to school?
– Another good reason to quit the current job you are in to change careers is to go back to school and learn the skills needed to get into that new career field

How much money do you have in savings?
Before you quit, you should always consider that you might not be able to find a job for the next few months or even for the next few years if you quit. The economy could crash or any other number of factors that would make it so that you cannot get into the career field you are interested in.

How will you network?
Perhaps the most important part of changing careers is having someone in that career field recommend you.

Are you willing to take a lower paying job?
In many cases if you are to change career fields you are going to get a lower paying entry level job when you first start in that field. So just keep in mind that you may not be able to continue your current lifestyle of luxury.

A career change can be a very wise move in certain circumstances. However, you always need to keep the worst case scenario in mind. Sometimes asking the hard questions can be the best way to success.

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