Career Change Myths Exposed 300x191 - Career Change Myths ExposedIf you’re one of the many who dream of making a career change but never act on that dream, you might be holding back because you’re operating under a false assumption – actually a myth about your career. I will expose several career change myths in this article and in a later post.

Career Myth:

#1) There’s no way for you to make a living doing something you love.

Hmm… sounds like fear talking. Why wouldn’t you be able to make a living doing what you love especially if you have done your homework, developed a career plan, and gained the necessary expertise?

Work doesn’t have to be something that you dread. Don’t buy into the myth that work has to be drudgery – you can actually make a living and you don’t have to sacrifice your happiness to do it!

If you’re still not convinced, ask yourself this question: As you grow older and look back on life, will you regret following your passion or following your fears?

#2) It is far too risky to change careers.

Remember, there is no such thing as permanent employment anymore. We all know about the gold watches they used to give out at retirement time. What is riskier staying in place or moving on to something new? If you’re living with a career decision you regret, is it best to stick with it and hate work or is it time to move on?

You have to decide what move is right for you. Consider your own aspirations and remember that your career is in the hands of your employer.  Do you want to have a bit more say about your career? Start making plans.

#3) The job market is far too tough to make a change.

True it’s a tough market. The myth is that there are no growth areas. There are indeed growth areas; we just have to be ready to meet the needs of the market. Most job seekers are looking for the same type of job they held in the past.

The reality is that job seekers must be committed to lifelong learning and project future market needs. Savvy job seekers will be ready for anything. That means they will be well educated, hold and work towards additional certifications and be ready for a complete career transformation at the drop of a hat.

Remember, the market is ever changing. It will be important to keep up with those changes. In essence, the job market will be less tough on those willing to be ready for change.

There are lots of career myths. However, career plans are essential to career change success – that’s no myth.

Making a career change can be an intimidating process. Not to worry though, I go through the ins and outs of career change at length in my new book entitled Career Management Guide: A Practical Approach To Career Change In Any Economy.  Keep an eye out for great tips, freebies, and excerpts that will help you through your career change.  I will post them to the blog. *Patricia

Patricia Erickson is a seasoned career management expert and certified professional resume writer with over twelve years of executive recruiting and coaching experience. She works with career changers and job seekers to design strategies that transform careers. Patricia has been instrumental in navigating clients toward their true career aspirations as well as finding purpose and personal fulfillment.