How To Find Your Passion 300x191 - Career Change: How To Find Your PassionIf you opt to follow your passion when making a career change, you will get a glimpse of a different side of life. Following your passion will lead you on a more personal journey that can actually change your ideas, perceptions, and emotions. No one is suggesting by any means that finding your passion promises a life of ease,  wealth or wonder – rather it is a life that is open to new opportunities and endless possibilities that are closely related to your personal aspirations.

Consider the following when focusing on finding your passion:

1. Know exactly what it is you love to do. You will want to be very honest with yourself and ready to embrace new adventures. Do you know what matters to you – really? What is it that makes you happy? Ask yourself what you do best and what makes you feel the most fulfilled and complete.

2. Be aware of your senses. When you are aware of your senses, you are in tune with your inner self. Listen. Allow yourself access to that part of your being.

3. Ask yourself what makes your heart sing. What is it that you do that takes all sense of time away? Is it something that you will never tire of? Are you willing to take a chance?

4. You know what you love to do – now, how do you shift from where you are to where you want to be? Get help and be willing to accept support. To start, rather than isolate yourself, ask for help from you family and friends. As you progress in your career change, find someone who is successful in the career you aspire to be in. Get some inside pointers so you know what you need to do to make the move. What are the practical and financial implications of your career choice? Get help from a coach to help you through the transition and help you to reach your goals.

5. Don’t go crazy. All this soul searching is hard work as is making a career change – it can become a full-time job. Don’t become completely absorbed in changing careers. Take time for you and personal pleasures. You don’t have to wake up every morning ready to conquer the world. Remember, every minute is not about being productive – you do deserve some down time. Give yourself time for pleasure you will become even more focused.

6. Go ahead and liberate yourself. It is said that a person who finds passion is truly wise. Finding work that reflects your personality and personal values promises a life filled with purpose and fulfillment. In fact, it is easier and more liberating when we accept ourselves and we allow others to accept us too.

7. Embrace personal affirmations. Affirmations are essential to finding your passion in life. They help you to feel even more secure and optimistic about reaching your goals.

8. Many people don’t achieve their destinations out of fear of failure. We all fail once in a while. Just know that there will be some downturns but remind yourself they pass.

Once you find your passion take the steps necessary to make a career move. When you allow yourself to do the things that you are passionate about you allow your life to flourish. You let yourself connect to everything you are – mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

If you are strong enough to take on challenges, you will feel more alive, positive, self-respecting and determined. You can live your life filled with passion and work in a career you love. Do that and you will be rich with self confidence, self esteem and personal fulfillment.

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