LinkedIn and what not to do 300x191 - Job Search: LinkedIn and what not to do!!In an earlier post, I added an infographic with ten best practices and how they could benefit both your job search and career. Here’s the 10 LinkedIn mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Whether you want to build a personal brand, search for a new job, or better position yourself in your field, you should steer clear of these ten mistakes. If clients, employers, recruiters, or university administration are looking at your resume, chances are they’re looking at your LinkedIn profile too.

90% of Recruiters use LinkedIn

Although it’s not a scientific study, US News reports that more than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to identify and vet potential candidates. Recruiters like to find people who already have jobs as well as job seekers, so if you want to be seen as a high-potential candidate, take a look at your LinkedIn profile from an employer or recruiter perspective.

People Find Jobs Using LinkedIn

People get jobs with LinkedIn. If you want use LinkedIn for your job search, you have to look like you’re ready for the position and you want the job! That means you look like involved and you’re a leader who is up emerging trends in your industry. And, LinkedIn connections with people in your target market matter – so get some.

Warm Leads

If you can build relationships, it’s likely that you’ll develop some warm leads, right? But that alone is not enough; it’s a step in the right direction. And, it’s far more than most do, so you’ll have the advantage.

It’s Who You Know

Did you know that more than 75% of jobs are landed through referrals? A strong profile that markets you is important because people that you’re connected with might be aware of jobs that match your expertise. Use the right keywords and skills so employers and recruiters can easily find you. The strategies we talk about in Is Your Job Search LinkedIn will help you to develop a LinkedIn profile that hits the mark by creating a profile that positions you for your target job/career track, using keywords and skills to attract employers and recruiters, and build your personal brand.

Is Your Job Search LinkedIn? is not exclusively for job seekers. You can quickly implement the best practices we go over in the guide and videos to position yourself for a promotion, creating meaningful connections, and have clients asking you to help them.

Time for you to move up the career ladder? Take the first step by creating a solid presence on LinkedIn.

If you’re looking for even more ways to improve your job search, our Is Your Job Search LinkedIn series will help you stand out, build your network, build your brand, and find a job. We show you how to quickly incorporate job-winning strategies into your profile for great results.

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