Leveraging LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to use for building networks of course, but it is also a great resource for building your career and making a move up in the company you’re at now. With some quick changes and no-cost changes to your LinkedIn profile, you can easily put yourself in front of prospective employers, recruiters, and experts in your field of expertise. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s power to drive your job search.

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Job Search Success

If people are looking for you via LinkedIn, are you there? And, if they find you, is your profile filled out? Your job search success depends on it! If you answered no to either of these questions:

~It’s likely you’re letting opportunities slip away from you.
~Employers could be searching for you and finding a LinkedIn profile that needs some work.
~A lack of recommendations, group/organization affiliations, or interaction with peers could be perceived as disinterested.
~Worse yet, you could be considered less than qualified.

If you want to position yourself as a competitor in the job market, work on your profile! Let your profile sell you. You’ll be able to create an online presence that sets you apart from others in your field. You don’t have to work as hard to position yourself. You become someone who is relevant, sought after, and seen as an expert. Your profile does the hard work.

Be Seen and Grab Attention

Another reason to leverage LinkedIn because it has 20 million viewers and 259 million users from 200+ countries. Since it’s estimated that 80% of it’s members are decision-makers, it makes sense to build relationships with people from across the globe. On LinkedIn, employers and recruiters look for people who are set apart, ready for anything, and up to the challenge. If your profile doesn’t communicate that, you’re letting opportunities slip by.

LinkedIn is a quick and easy way to start making positive change right now. You can advance your career, find a job, gain the attention of leadership, and become known as an expert in your field. It’s a great first step in your career journey.


Patricia Erickson, MA, CPRW, CCC, Career Management Coach & Counselor
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